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Daddies Gone Wild 7 + Michael Burkk $89.95 $34.95 Format: 

A Day with Michael Burkk

Early morning JO
Starring: Michael Burkk
Michael wakes up and as always with a huge boner after a night filled with wild dreams of a big load and his body between white sheets.

Business as usual
Starring: Michael Burkk
Clients know that Michael gets right down to Business.  It is well known in the business world that dealing with Michael will involve sex at one point or another--
most likely very soon after he meets you.  The new sales Rep was no exception...

Coffee Break
Starring: Michael Burkk
Checking what goes on in the city is Michael's favorite pastime.  He can tell you of hundreds of guys he picked up around town. Tourists in SF are Michael's favorites. They have the time he needs to welcome them to America with a really good fuck!

Into Bar Scene
Starring: Michael Burkk
Michael knows what goes on in the city.  If you want to know what's the hottest bar in town, he can tell you.  He can recommend your business to thousands of people.  He can also tell you which bartender has the hottest ass!

Alternative Too
Starring: Daddy Steve
Michael is aware that SF
has a big crowd that is into S&M , although he just prefers a good butt fuck, every time he finds a hot ass who is into leather, he calls his buddy Steve... a hot daddy that has his own dungeon where he play with willing boys..

The Grand Finale
Starring: Michael Burkk, Daddy Steve
Michael joins Steve to train the bartender into the art of getting fucked and suck cock at the same time... What a hot threesome!
Michael calls it a day.

Daddies Gone Wild 7

Cop Daddy's Day Off
Starring: Daddy Frank & Lenin
Cop Daddy hangs up on cruising places, he is always hit by horny bottom boys that like to suck his big fat cock. They all think he is straight , but this retired law enforcement loves to suck prick too..

Daddyland Resort
Starring: Sir Phillips, E. Fred
Gorgeous Sir Phillip returns to be ass trained by two huge cocks-- One Stud E. FRED and another black fellow who's hung like a horse! A threesome to remember!.

German Tales
Starring: German Daddy & Cayo
German Daddy is all about honesty, he counts some of his hottest sex encounters. He recalls in particular the encounter on a desert beach with a Latin stud that he managed to take to his room. The young guy took it like a man; he took daddy’s cock all the way in. 

Daddy on Son
Starring: Coach Nick & Puppy
Coach Nick must be one the hottest daddies you could ever meet. Can anybody take his huge monster cock? Well you need to watch this clip to find out. The action goes from intense deep throat to hot ass pounding. Son gets the load he was looking for. 

Jeffrey Solo
He shows an incredible sex appeal. Early Morning, an afternoon break or a quiet night are good times for Jeffrey to Jack off. Here you have it!. 

Daddies Gone Wild 7 + Michael Burkk
Daddies Gone Wild 7 + Michael Burkk Daddies Gone Wild 7 + Michael Burkk
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 August, 2006.
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